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Questionnaire for Parents PDF Print E-mail

Many studies conducted over the years indicate teenagers pick up many of their driving habits from their parents. Some of these are good and some not so good. Much of what they learn is caught more then it is taught. Take a minute to ask what lessons you are teaching about driving safety by your actions or inactions.

The following questions will aid you in this process.

Part A (please put a check next to each statement that applies to you)

______ I use my seatbelt every time I get in the car.
______ I insist that all passengers wear their seat belts.
______ I always obey the posted speed limits.
______ I talk to my kids about the hazards I see while driving with them in the car.
______ I allow 3-4 seconds distance when following other cars in good weather.
______ I increase this distance when roads are wet, slippery, and rough or at night.
______ My teen and I have signed a Parent Teen Driving Contract. (See our web site)
______ I keep two hands on the wheel at all times.
______ I use the 10 & 2 or the 9 & 3 hand positions at all times.
______ I take a moment to scan an intersection before proceeding after a light turns               green.
______ I cautiously approach all intersections even when my light is green.
______ I check the tire pressure in my tires at least once a week.
______ I know how to change a flat tire and have taught my teen.
______ I always use my turn signals.
______ I refuse to drive even if I have had only one drink.
______ My teen’s car has front, side and curtain air bags.
______ I tell my teen I love them every time they get behind the wheel.

Part B (please put a check next to each statement that applies to you)

______ I talk on the cell phone while driving. (With or without hands free)
______ I eat or drink while driving.
______ I change radio stations frequently.
______ I drive when I am angry.
______ I allow my teen to drive in another teen’s car.
______ I never explained and demonstrated ABS brakes to my child.
______ I allow other teens to drive with my teen driver.
______ I think K53 classes provide enough training for my teen to be a safe driver.
______ I “go after” people who have cut me off or display rude gestures.
______ I drive when I am very tired. (Especially at night or on a long trip)
______ I do not have a curfew earlier than 12 pm for my teen.
______ My teen drives a small car.
______ I allowed or plan to allow my teen to drive without further training after they               get their K 53 driver’s license.
______ I pay for all of the expenses related to my teen’s car.

If you put a check next to every statement in Part A and you had no checks on Part B, you are heading in the right direction!



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