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Parent-Teen Driving Agreements PDF Print E-mail

Parent-Teen Driving Agreements are just one way for parents to play an active role in developing safe teen drivers. The Parent-Teen Driving Agreement is a contractual arrangement between parents and teens that states the rules and regulations for driving and the consequences for contractual violations. This article, which identifies and explores the importance of teen responsibilities and behaviours in Parent-Teen Driving Agreements, is but  part of what needs  to be examined  in  the components for promoting parent and teen responsibilities and safe behaviours, and how to use a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement to its full potential.

Parent-Teen Driving Agreement

One of the biggest challenges of parenthood occurs when children become novice drivers. There are many ways for parents to play an active role in this teenage milestone, and developing a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement is just one of the ways. With motor vehicle crashes being the leading cause of death in people ages 3 to 34 and with an estimated 5,000 teenagers in the US dying in automobile crashes every year, developing a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement may make the difference between life and death. But what is a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement?

A Parent-Teen Driving Agreement is an agreement between teens and their parents, regarding driving privileges and the use of motor vehicles. These agreements typically set forth the rules and regulations as well as the agreed consequences of violating the agreement. Not only the teen must commit to this agreement, but the parents must as well. It is important to establish that both parent and teen are entering into a contract together and that both have a voice in the contract. More importantly, the parents must also follow certain rules and regulations in order for the contract to work to its full potential. Leading by example is the foundation of such a contract and parents must commit to this leadership role. It is the goal of this series of articles to discuss the roles that both the parent and teen play in the contract and to identify what they must do in order for it to be successful.

This section will focus on what components are related to the teen driver and how feedback provided during scheduled meetings between parents and teen(s) can enhance driver performance. Two main components will be presented and further broken down into areas of responsibility: driver behaviour and vehicle maintenance. Additionally, consequences for vehicle misuse and negative behaviours are presented since the teen and parent must agree to the terms and conditions for violating the contractual agreement.

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